Quick & Simple Confirguration

Using Git & Puppet, a central config management env allows you to quickly rebuild your application.

Live Sever/Application migration

Application can be live migrated to another region or data centers in case of failover.

Application/Data Cloning

With real-time snapshoting of your server, you can clone any of your server at anytime.

Realtime Application and Database Backups

All servers have a built-in utility for your Application/Database backups to both primary and secondary storage.

Secure Network

State-of-the-art software-defined networking products on private fiber network.

Dynamic Firewall Configuration

Pick your resources, get your firewall up & running in seconds.

Monitoring / Alerting

Collect metrics, monitor performance & receive alerts to optimize your application.

Application Code Management

All application code are managed through a centralised git repository.

Central Logging

A comprehensive log management solution which collects logs from all the servers and aggregated in a central location.

Dedicated Environment

Every server comes with dedicated reources such as CPU, Ram, Storage and IP Address.